Why GreenKiddie

GreenKiddie is a website, providing information about “green” and natural care for babies and children. Every mother wants to give her child the best start in live and we are here to support you in doing do. Here you can browse helpful information, share ideas, read interesting articles, ask questions, download free “green” and natural tips, create photo albums, get the latest “green” news, share your favourite bit with friends, have fun. If you are a green parent already, are willing to go “back to nature” when it comes to your baby care but need some tips on how to do it, or just need to find some information about a natural remedy or a handmade green toy, GreenKiddie is your online space.

How We Can Help

You can take a look at our Natural Feeding section to get some advice on breastfeeding, BPA-free bottle- and weaning equipment, organic weaning and toddler feeding, and download great nutrition guides and sample menus. Which diapers and baby wipes, or what clothes fabric to choose for your little one? – Next to Skin is here to help you when making up your mind around it. A Green Nursery may look difficult to create, but if you follow our tips it would be easy and cost-effective. Desperate when you child has a cold or flu, colic, eczema, nappy rash or toddler tantrums? – If conventional medicine is not quite helpful and you are keen to provide only the best natural care for your child, our Ask Nature section may answer your questions and help you find the best natural remedy. Our online Green Spa space will direct you in making your precious one feels like in heaven. Here you will find easy-to-follow steps for baby massage, yoga, relaxation, aromatherapy basic oils and making your own natural cosmetics for your child. And if you believe that children learn through playing, what better way for them to learn about the world around as than playing with “green” and natural toys. Make them yourself for more fun, just follow our guidelines, and be as much creative as you can.

Become Our Friend

Our philosophy is simple – we all want the best for our children, but we are sometimes confused about what is best really. At GreenKiddie we believe that providing a “green”, natural care for your baby and toddler is best for your child, and it’s also great for the environment. If you believe that, too, we will be happy to become your friend. And we will ask you for a favour – make the most of it!

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