Did you know?

Babies and toddlers develop their sense of taste very slowly. They are not born with food preferences, so they may not like fish when they are 10 months, but it may become their favourite food by the time they become three.

The sense of taste develops at a prenatal stage for infants. At around 7 to 8 weeks of gestation, taste buds start emerging.

Babies explore at most things by putting them inside their mouths. They also touch and see and hear, but “tasting” the new toy is the most natural way for a baby and toddler to explore.

After birth, infants show a general preference for sweet tastes and dislike sour taste. Although it doesn’t mean they would not try the sour natural yogurt, for example. It is believed that mother’s milk has a mild vanilla taste; hence babies have natural preferences for a sweet vanilla taste, too.

Salty food is neutral and has no effect on infants. It is only after 4 months of age that kids start developing a taste for salty food. But it is very important to avoid any salty foods until they are at least 12 months, as they can damage the immature baby kidneys. Between age of 1 and 3, children need only 2g salt per day, so still do not include any salt while cooking for a toddler.

It may take as many as 10 trials, to develop a taste for a particular thing in a baby. So be patient! – You may need a long time before you manage to make her eat any new foods.

The texture of the food also plays an important role in developing the taste.


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