The main rule here is gentle to skin, friendly to earth. It’s simple if you follow the tips below.

Buy non-allergenic organic clothes for your little bunny. That way you can be 100 per cent sure there will be no nasty chemicals, and your precious one will be wearing the softest clothes ever. There are a few “green” fabrics you may choose from: organic hemp, cotton, bamboo or wool. They are all made without toxic chemicals and are best against a baby’s sensitive skin. A good thing budget wise is that organic clothing last longer with the constant washing.

You may also want to consider baby and toddler clothes from recycled cotton – it is earth-friendly and still very soft and nice.

Second-hand clothing for babies and little children is fine as far as you wash them carefully before use. Try adding a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil into your laundry – this will kill the bacteria without the need of washing over 40 degrees C.
Same relates to bedding sheets, blankets, bath towels, and even bibs –choose organic and go to basics. You won’t need loads, stick to a very few as your little one grows fast. Unbleached organic cotton is fabulously soft and seems to get softer with use.

A word about the colours. Whatever your favourite colour is, make sure you dress your gorgeous pumpkin in bright shades. Bright colours reflect visible light, and this is a way to help saving energy. Sounds strange? – It’s no harm if you try. Besides, bright colours also bring positive emotions, so it may even reduce your toddler’s tantrums. It may even cheer you up.