Keep your little one hydrated

A small child with diarrhoea can become dehydrated very quickly. Make sure that extra fluids are given in small frequent sips. It is very important to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. You could dilute fresh apple juice (or orange for toddlers) with boiled and cooled water in a ratio of 1 part juice to 3 parts water. Take small frequent sips throughout the day.

If diarrhoea is accompanied by vomiting take a re-hydration drink to replace lost electrolytes (minerals). You could make one yourself by mixing the juice from a quarter medium lemon into 200ml warm-like water and 1teaspoon sugar. Again, take small frequent sips.

Easy digestible food

It is better to consume light, nourishing meals such as homemade soups and plain toasts. Cut out all dairy products for a few days (babies under 12 months still need their usual milk). Use rice milk instead for 2-3 days. Also try avoiding protein for one-two days to rest the digestive tract. Also avoid foods like squash, plums, pears, and all oils, as they will make things worse. If diarrhoea happens often, you may want to include more portions of rise and other starchy food in your older baby’s or toddler’s diet.


If antibiotics are the cause of your digestive upset (which is the reason in most of the cases, except when caused by a virus) it would be best if you give your child a probiotic supplement to replenish levels of good bacteria in the gut.

Suspected allergy or food intolerance?

If diarrhoea is persistent, the reason might be an allergy or food intolerance. Speak to a professional dietician for advice – elimination diet or allergy tests might be done to determine whether any specific foods are a problem.


Some herbs have proven to work well for treating diarrhoea. Try herbal infusion from fennel seeds, ginger, chamomile, cornel fruit or mint (1 tbsp in 150ml boiling water to stay for 10min, wait to cool and drink 3 times a day in small sips).

Homeopathic remedies

Please refer to our homeopathy section for further information.