Cots, children wardrobes, and high-chairs … give them a hint of “green”

Stick to the basics with the furniture and accessories. Your baby will only need a cod-bed, a car-seat, a pram and a high-chair. Second-hand is fine for all, except for cot mattresses (they need to be firm to prevent cot-death) and car-seats (in terms of security). But do make sure it’s in good working order.

Think about waste-free, earth-friendly and comfortable solutions. For example cot-beds are great as they are 2 in 1 – a cot and a bed, so they will last at least 6-7 years. There are also recycled options for stroller you may wish to consider.

If you’re buying new furniture, solid wood from a sustainable source and low-toxicity materials is preferable. Mattresses are usually made using coir (coconut fibre), latex (particularly good at resisting dust mites) and wool, a natural flame retardant and excellent for regulating body temperature.

And finally, put a plant in your child’s nursery. Plants will release oxygen during the day and will purify the air, absorbing toxins (if any), but make sure you remove them during the night.