When the skin covered by the nappy appears red and inflamed, you will know it’s a nappy rash. This may cause discomfort for your baby, making him even scream when doing a wee, and if untreated, it can grow into something worse — for example, a fungal or bacterial infection.

Prevention is best

Keep your baby clean and dry by changing his nappy frequently and letting him roam without a nappy for a few hours each day. Let the skin breathe.

Free from chemicals

Use nappies without any lotions, perfume or chemicals; cloth nappies, biodegradable disposables, or the so called “hybrid diapers” are best. They are gentle to the skin and good for the environment. Avoid nappy wipes.

Water repellent barrier

Use nappy balms as a natural water repellent barrier. It works great, sooths baby’s gentle skin, and you can do it at home. Lavender essential oil will sooth and refresh the skin, while shea butter will moisturise it. Adding 5-10% beeswax in your homemade nappy balm will make the skin protection even better. Ensure when you buy ingredients to get organic options. Use them every time you change the nappy, after carefully cleaning the area using pure organic cotton wool and warm-like water.

Homeopathic remedies

Please refer to our homeopathy section for further information.

If the rash persists or gets infected, get medical advice.